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China Visa Application Form

This site is not affiliated with the government and we are not the Chinese Embassy. Our telephone line reserved for those who intend to use our service.

Our check and send service is that our experienced staffs will check and lodge your application with the Chinese Embassy in person, so you do not need to make appointment or queue by yourself, and you have much less chance get rejected due to minor errors on  form or supporting documents. We also telephone or email you promptly if there is any issue with your application and advise you on fixing it. Apply for a Single entry Chinese visa through us is £100 (72 hours turn around + overnight delivery), with the Chinese Embassy visa office is: GBP84 (takes normally 10 days. )

Click here to download latest Chinese_Visa_Application_Form Legalisation

It might take couple of minutes, please be patient! If you have difficulty to download, please call us:0207 5800899

1. You must download the new application form & instruction each time before you applying for a Chinese Visa as the form and rules are in constant change by the Chinese Embassy.


2. It might be a bit slow in downloading, if you could not download or print, please email us or call us and we can email or post the application forms to you.


3.This Form can be printed either single sided or double sided.


4.You must send your visa application by Special Next Day Delivery. If you use Royal Mail, 1st class or recorded post is often delayed in delivery in central London.


5.You do not need to enclose a prepaid return envelope, we send your passport back with Chinese visa by Royal Mail Special Next Day Delivery.


6.You need to affix a high quality color passport picture of plain white/light background in the picture box on the form. Just staple on the margin of the picture.


7.You should not apply for single entry visa earlier than 2 & half months before travelling.


8.If you can not fill the form or the part of the form by typing, you can always complete it by hand.


9.If you take a cruise and stop over China, you may contact us to find out is it Single Entry or Double Entry or Multiple Entry Chinese Visa required.


10.If you are holding a Nigeria Passport with UK permanent visa, you need an invitation letter from Chinese Government to apply for a Visa for China.


11.By using our visa service you have read and agree with our Terms and Conditions of service.