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Group Visa for China -
Online Chinese visa application 

Do you know if you travel as a group with minimum 10 people together, you can apply for the Group Chinese visa online, you do NOT need to submit original passport or   fingerprints.

Group Visa for China - an online Chinese visa application

is highly recommended for school trips, educational tours to China or any other tourist or business groups of minimum two members to China.
It is online Chinese visa application through out. You will save a lot of hassle by applying for group Chinese visa through us.
The advantage of applying for a Group Chinese visa
NO complicated Chinese visa application form
NO passport handing in
NO fingerprints submission
Group China visa is also cost less compared to individual Chinese visa. 
"What do I need to send to apply for a Group visa for China?" 

scan of your passport in .pdf,
a digital ID picture,
Flights and Hotel reservation.
Never had online Group Visa for China before  
We are China travel specialist established in 2006.
With experience of more than 16 years in Chinese visa services and China group tours management.
You may read Google reviews or Facebook Reviews from past customers to get some idea about our Chinese visa service.
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• TripAdvisor Reviews
Group China Visa Fees:
£180 per person 
(This is all you pay including delivery the visa to you!)
For group visa
 contact for quote
“Is group China visa multiple entries“
No, Group China visa is valid for one trip to China.
“Is group China visa an E visa?“
The application process is completely online, no need to post or drop of any documents. All information collected online. However, the group visa hard copy will be couriered to you. 
“Why other company don’t do it? “
Because they are just Visa companies, we are a China tours and Chinese visa specialist, so we can arrange group Visa for customers booking our tours (or not) with necessary Duly Authorization letter from ministry of China for Chinese Group Visa.
Procedure of applying for a online China Group Visa
1.Emailing information of:
1>Dates and city of entering and exiting China
2> Nationality
3> Birth place and country says on passport
4> Number of travellers
5> Hotel Confirmation
With information above we will advise you whether you are eligible of a Group China Visa. (some non-UK or non-EU Passport holders or Birth Countries not in UK or EU cannot apply for group Chinese Visa, in that case, we will advise you to apply for standard individual Chinese Visa instead.)
2. Group visa for China is done by online application, all documents need to submitted to visa office electronically, so you need to email all documents to us.
3. Once all documents received all right to apply for group visa for China, we will send you the invoice for China visa fee.
4. We submit your documents to Visa office for you once you have paid.
5. Once Group China visa ready on scheduled date, you can pick it up from our London Regent Street office or we can send it back to you by Royal Mail Special Next Day Delivery with no extra cost.
"Had any customers have problem of using the Group China Visa ?"
There are few customers could not apply for group visa for China due to birth place or hotel confirmation, we have advised and assisted them to apply for individual Chinese visa instead. In past 3 years, there is not anybody's trip to China delayed by using group visa for China.
"Will I have problem in entering or exiting China?"
All customers with group Chinese visa have entered and exited China without any problem, because group visa for China is issued by Chinese government body. 
Do I have to book your China tours to use your Chinese visa service?
You are very welcome to book a tour to China with us, 5 Star China Travel & our registered company in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu China provides high quality bespoke China tours. However, you can still use us to apply for group Chinese visa or individual Chinese visa without booking China tours with us.
To enquire about online Chinese visa - Group Visa for China
Call: 02075800554
 Whatsapp:  07853885657
Terms & Condition  of using our visa & legalization service
Group Visa for China
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