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Established 2004, served thousands of customers, 5 Star Chinese visa service is 5 star by name, 5 star by service.
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Documents Legalisation for China

Get your documents legalised by solicitor - FCO - Chinese Embassy

Document Legalisation by Chinese Consulate and FCO


The purpose of legalization by Chinese Embassy is to enable notarial documents issued in UK to be accepted by the corresponding department in China.


Documents to be legalised: Criminal Record; University Degree Certificate; Birth Certificate; Marriage Certificate and personal declaration or commercial documents signed & stamped by FCO recognized solicitor;

It is a 3 steps procedure: Solicitor - FCO - Chinese Embassy


Only documents issued by an UK organisation can be legalised in the UK.

Service & Fees-per document

FCO 1 day Premium Service £120

Solicitor + FCO 2 days £150

Chinese Embassy only Legalisation £90

Solicitor + FCO + Chinese Embassy £190

Please send us scan to check before post it to us.

Email for documents legalisation:

Documents legalisation for China.jpg


Get your documents legalised by solicitor - FCO - Chinese Embassy

英国政府部门颁发的文件或者经过律师认证的文件需要经过英国外交部FCO 和 中国驻英大使馆认证后,才能在中国使用。

经常认证的文件有: Criminal Record 犯罪记录证明认证; University Degree Certificate 学校学历证书认证; Birth Certificate 英国出生证认证 ; Marriage Certificate 英国结婚证认证 and personal declaration or commercial documents signed & stamped by FCO recognised solicitor 其他个人声明,比如单身申明,改名申明,和其他商务文件; 


大使馆代替取件并邮寄服务:5 Star China Travel 办公室在中国大使馆不远,您可以把取证单放在我们公司,我们会按期代您取件并用Special Delivery 寄回您的地址,免除您再次远道来伦敦的麻烦。


英国外交部加急认证1天 £120

中国驻英大使馆领事部认证5天 £90


英国律师认证+英国外交部认证+中国驻英领事馆认证7-8天 £190



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Chinese visa 

We provide a service to make your Chinese visa application easy

Individual Chinese visa is a sticker pasted in your passport. You can apply for individual China visa two months in advance. For British passport holders, it is currently two year multiple entries Chinese visa issued in most of the cases. 

All applicants 14-70 years old applying for individual Chinese visa need to have fingerprints submitted in person. If you intend to use our service to get a Chinese visa, please contact us. We will guide you step by step and assist with filling application form. Using our service, you will save a lot of time and hassle.

Email for individual visa team:


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Chinese visa for groups to China

If you travel as a group of over two to China,

we can arrange the group Chinese visa for you.

Group visa to China - online Chinese visa application

Group visa to China is completely online Chinese visa application. No passport or fingerprints submission required. It is great for schools,tourist groups to China or people lives far away from Chinese visa center. To apply for a group Chinese visa, the group needs consists of minimum two people. Cost starting from £170 per person inclusive.

Email for group visa team:


Terms & Condition  of using our visa & legalisation service

Terms & Condition  of using our visa & legalisation service

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